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How to limit document sharing and sensitive file sharing among employees inside the organization.

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  • Most big corporations offer a custom form of AI-powered Data Loss Prevention, like Microsoft, SAP, IBM, etc. Using machine intelligence in the form of Data Loss Prevention, information classification and identification is the most meaningful transcendence in the product's history. Microsoft’s Azure Information Protection uses metadata and policy labels to classify data sensitivity and uses machine learning to automatically tag and scan data. There’s also a deep learning system for data loss prevention that can automatically detect sensitive content in PDFs and other text documents.

    Sun 23.9.2018 4:16 pm
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  • Through constant analysis using predictive models that seek the source of sensitive information, malicious access patterns or unusual attempts to access content, Machine Learning can be used to protect and control sensitive document access control. Use machine learning (ML) to discover, monitor and protect sensitive internal enterprise information, security keys or database backup copies.

    Sun 23.9.2018 10:19 am
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  • Mon 17.9.2018 11:20 am
    by elroi
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  • Biometric identification system using the embedded camera on the laptop or desktop webcam. Facial identification techniques can understand and recognize the respective faces of employees based on a submitted employee facial photo, and provide a probability score to the identity of the webcam’s scanned image.

    There are several algorithms available like Resnet.

    Mon 17.9.2018 11:16 am
    by admin
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  • Clothes rack for cars:

    We often travel by car to work, to errands and to various events.

    Most of us get up in the gym, then go on to the office and often end up at the event. We need to change into suitable clothes, and a luxurious clothes rack can be a perfect solution to keep your clothes pressed, clean and well maintained.
    All you have to do is just put the clothes rack in a simple and easy installation in the headrest, in the car seat and you have an elegant nickel hanger, with a prestigious look in the private car.

    Thu 30.8.2018 11:50 pm
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