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How can we equip our corporation with the powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Where do we start from evaluation of which departments/division can benefit from AI, and how can we implement AI into our operations? Do we build our own team or can we subscribe to the services of an AI development house custom tailored for our unique business practice? What's the roadmap to enable our enterprise with AI?

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  • Develop our AI in-house without sharing our prized data outside of the enterprise and while building our flagship AI-brain team, to pioneer our dominant market position for the future.

    Tue 2.10.2018 12:59 pm
    by admin
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  • I believe the first step to adding an AI component to your business is meeting with the heads of each department and understanding the pain points each. Where there are bottlenecks to missed targets or understanding the growth drivers for the key metrics of each department. AI is often compared to statistical analysis on steroids and serves as super-powered forecasting and prediction analytics previously unavailable from traditional statistical analytics.

    Tue 2.10.2018 11:23 am
    by admin
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